How the RNA Tackles Issues

Our Modus Operandi*
      *n, procedure; method of operating

The process for the RNA uses to work on an issue begins with the identification of the candidate topic. The topic may be initiated and referred to the RNA Steering Committee by any member or, less frequently, by a Rutherford County citizen.

The Steering Committee discussion of the topic addresses several questions: 

  • First, is the topic consistent with the goals of the RNA? 
  • Second, how might the topic be framed as an issue? 
  • Third, what resources (time, money, and skills) are estimated to be required to address the issue and are they available? 
  • Fourth, who would serve on the team formed to address the issue?

The RNA Steering Committee votes to either address or ignore the candidate issue. 

Research on the issue is initiated if the issue is approved. Then, a plan of action is formed by the issue team as the research progresses and status reports are made at the RNA business meetings. The team works through the steps in its action plan until the issue is resolved.