A Look at
Land Use Issues 

Rutherford County has been one of the fastest growing areas in the United States for about two decades, so land use has become a serious issue. 

The County has to rely mainly on property taxes to provide schools and government services. 

Our property taxes are low compared to many, many places in the U.S. (that’s one reason so many are moving here!), but even with all the additional dwellings and businesses, growth does not pay for itself and our local governments struggle to provide the infrastructure and services new and long standing residents want and have come to expect.

Land Use regulations are one way to guide our growth and local governments here involve the citizens at many levels. 

The RNA has always been watchful and involved in Land Use Issues.

Rutherford County Comprehensive Plan, Zoning & Subdivision Regulations

RUTHERFORD COUNTY, TN undertook a four year project to produce a COMPREHENSIVE PLAN to ensure smart, sustainable growth for the future. 

Susan Allen, president of the RNA, was selected by County Mayor Ernest Burgess to serve on the Steering Committee of 15 citizens to help guide this process.

The following excerpts are from the Comprehensive Plan website:
 The Comprehensive Plan is a major undertaking and will become the policy foundation for all future planning in the unincorporated areas of Rutherford County. A Comprehensive Plan is a means of establishing a long-term community vision by looking 15 to 20 years into the future, determining needs, setting goals and objectives, and formulating policies that direct future development to be consistent with that vision.

Why do we Plan?
 The purpose of doing a plan is to ensure an overall quality of life standard be maintained and improved in the future. This is accomplished by identifying the issues the community faces and finding ways to address those issues in the coming years. Planning allows us to take a look at where the community has been, how it got to this point, where it wants to go, and how it can get there. Essentially planning allows a community to prepare for change rather than react to it.